Casino Bonus

bonusgubbeEvery online casino will offer new players and established players one type of a deposit bonus or another. To maximize your winnings, you need to understand exactly what the different types of casino deposits are, and how much money you can expect to bank from each of them.

So, before you decide to jump on one or more of those tantalizing sweet bonus deals, here is a guide on many of the types of bonuses casinos offer players for making deposits on their websites.

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cascoDeposit bonus
depbonusA deposit bonus is given to a new player who has never made any type of deposit at a particular online casino. These deposit bonuses tend to be the largest of all the bonuses a casino gives its players because they want to entice you in the door and get you to play. The deposit bonus in many cases will be a 100% match of your initial deposit up to a certain dollar amount. For example if you deposit $100 and are given a 100% deposit bonus, you will receive $100 in bonus money. Now here is where you need to pay close attention.

Usually that extra money is not yours to keep just yet. The casino will explain that in order to release those funds you need to play through a particular amount of play. So using the $100 example, you deposit $100 and are given an additional $100 for a total of $200 in your casino account.

To be able to withdraw any of that bonus money, the casino may have you play 10, 20, or maybe 50 times that dollar amount in spins before the funds release. So if you have a play through rate of 10x, you have to wager $1000 over the course of play, before the entire bonus money is free for withdrawal. On many of the online slot machines, you can hit the play through rate rather quickly.

cascoNo Deposit bonus
nodepA no deposit bonus is generally given in the form of a promo code to players of that particular casino to try a new game, or to get a new player to the website. One type of no deposit bonus is giving the player a promo code for 50 free spins on a particular slot machine.

The hopes of the casino is that you fall in love with the game, and then deposit some of your own real money to play. The no deposit bonus usually comes with a very high play through rate.

cascoReload bonus
reloadA reload bonus is given to players who already have an established account at a particular casino. The reload bonus puts bonus money directly into a players account whenever a deposit is made.

The match percentage is usually not as high as the initial deposit bonus, but this reload bonus can help players pad their accounts with some free money if they are not too concerned with any play through rate that affects the ability to withdraw the funds. If you have a nice bankroll, using a reload bonus can add some free money that really can add up.

cascoMatch bonus
matchingMatch bonuses simply give you a deposit of free money into your account that matches whatever your deposit was. If you deposit $200 you will receive a $200 bonus in your account.

A match bonus may be an ongoing promotion that does not require any promo codes or inquiries. It is simply automatically given whenever a deposit is made.

cascoVIP bonus
vipThe VIP bonus is for players who have an established deposit history at a particular online casino. These VIP bonuses usually have a very low play through rate and are given as the player gambles more frequently.

The player can also accrue points while playing and once a certain level is attained, is offered a special VIP bonus. Each casino treats the players different and it is best to read all the types of bonuses a casino offers before you deposit.